Family flees Detroit home after multiple drive-by shootings, seeks donations for new apartment

The Tart family's Detroit apartment is constantly under attack by drive-by-shooters, and now all they are looking for is a safe place to call home.

Adrian Tart said his family has endured four separate shootings within the past two weeks alone. They are currently seeking refuge at a nearby hotel, but can only afford one more night. 

He said he does not know where to go from here, he just knows he is never going to the apartment ever again.

"It’s Christmas time," Tart said. "I should be thinking about having fun with my baby and my wife. …Instead, I’m worried about where we are going to live. Am I going to wake up and find my wife and my baby shot to death?"

The apartment, at the corner of Pinehurst Street and Fullerton Avenue in Detroit, has apparent bullet holes in the side of the building. 

Detroit police have investigated, but have done little to deter the drive-by shootings, Tart said. Neither he nor his family were the intended targets, but they had become the victims. 

The first incident was months ago, but the shootings have recently increased.

"In the middle of the night, guys drove by and just shot the hell out of the building," he said. "Bullets coming through the window. …four times in the last two weeks."

After the most recent drive-by shooting, they moved out for good but are struggling to pay for the hotel room. 

"Thursday night, they shot it up again – so Friday my wife (said) she can’t take no more," he said. "I can't take no more. My little baby, I'm scared for her life."

Tart created a GoFundMe for assistance, as they are in dire need of a permanent apartment. Their current lease is up at the end of January.  

"I want to be somewhere safe, with my family," he said.