Family Landscaping business truck and equipment stolen on Detroit's west side

During this pandemic, a lot of businesses have been impacted. One Detroit family’s livelihood is in jeopardy after their landscaping business, truck and equipment was stolen.

“Why, especially at this time this time this is a bad time a bad time,” Trudy Brock said.

Trudy and London Brock a mother, daughter duo own their own landscaping business.

“We just gained a lot of new customers that love my moms and I work, London Brock said.

The night of London's birthday, May 7th she put her daughter to bed, waking up around 3 a.m. to use the bathroom.

She checked out the window to find an empty spot where her work truck is usually parked.

“To be honest with you I thought I was dreaming,” she said.

This is more of a nightmare. The equipment a black Tahoe, 16 ft trailer and all the lawn equipment went missing from the corner of Pembroke and Appoline on Detroit's West Side.  

“They can start a business straight up off our stuff,” Trudy said. 

Thousands of dollars were invested into Brock’s landscaping, taking four years to build.

“I worked hard to get my stuff so I don't understand how you can't work to get yours I'm a single woman and I made it happen with a child,” London said.

They filed a report with Detroit Police – but have little hope they'll get anything back.

“I'm not going to sit around be broke and boo hoo and cry, I got to keep going but it’s going to be hard when someone take everything is gone,” she said.

Brock’s Landscaping has many elderly customers, it’s a loss for them too.

“My blood sweat and tears that I put together to make this business generate and I finally get it up and running and you come along and take my stuff but God don't like ugly you definitely got yours coming,” London said.

Witnesses say they saw someone heading west on Pembroke towards Lasher that night.