Family looking for answers after loved one was shot and killed in living room

A Detroit man was found murdered on his living room floor and now his grieving family wants to know who killed him and why. 

"Life is so precious because we just seen him Monday and we was just joking, and now he's gone forever," said the victim's brother, Niegel Blythe. 

Blythe remembers the last conversations he had with his brother, Jahill Acuff, like most conversations. Some joking and some serious. 

"He told me he was just tired that's all," said Blythe. "He just wanted to be a regular person and now he's not even here anymore. It's like he felt it or something." 

Police say Thursday around 10:15 a.m. someone found Jahill shot twice, laying on the living room floor of his home located in the 4300 block of Grayton. 

"Now I got to hold up because I'm the oldest one in the family and it's hurting me so bad in my heart. I can barely breathe," said Jahill's aunt, Lagretta Acuff. 

The pain for the whole family is real. 

"Now he's going to heaven with my mom because that's what I'm thinking of," said Lagretta. "What if she was here, I don't think she could've took it. 

Now the family just wants to know who did this and why? 

Even though Jahill's family says it looks like one of the cameras at the home was moved, it's likely it can still help police with the investigation. 

"Whoever it is, just turn yourself in," said Blythe. "You know who you are, just turn yourself in." 

"That could be you and you would want somebody to tell," said Lagretta. "Call, speak up. By the grace of God, that's what I hold in my heart." 

Police don't have any suspects at the moment, but the family says there were several cameras rolling. The medical examiner will determine the cause of death, but right now they're not sure when he was killed.