Family: Man killed in hatchet attack by police battled cancer, was unstable

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Oak Park police shoot and kill a man inside his home after officers say the man charged at them wielding a hatchet.

Monday evening it happened inside a home on Avon Street in Oak Park. A man named Todd Stone who police say, called 911 moments before.

"The gentleman who called the department stated that he was armed with a firearm and also had a hatchet," said Steve Cooper, Oak Park Director of Public Safety.

Police say the man told 911 he was going to shoot up the neighborhood. When officers arrived - they say the man's mother met them at the front door and they escorted her to safety. Then, they say, Stone charged at them.

"The subject was advancing toward them with the hatchet and left the officer with no other option but to fire and use deadly force," Cooper said.

FOX 2 spoke briefly with the brother of Todd Stone, he says his brother did not have a gun and he believes there are other ways police could have handled the situation without using deadly force.

Relatives told FOX 2 that Stone had battled cancer and was at times emotionally unstable. An investigation into the shooting now underway and the officer involved is on paid administrative leave.

Police say they had no choice but to shoot given the circumstances.

"It's a terrible tragedy, it's something that you hope you never have to go through in a career," Cooper said. "Our heart goes out to the family of this gentleman."

Hearts and prayers - as this retired minister and neighbor - hopes for healing for all involved.

"Even the police are part of the family and when one hurts, all of us hurt," said Richard Washington. "I'm hurting for the officer as well as the family that has lost."