Family member opens fire at Dearborn banquet hall, no injuries reported

Screen capture from TCD Dearborn on Instagram

A man opened fire into the air at a family event hosted by Dearborn Manor Friday night. 

Dearborn police arrested the suspect, who got into an altercation with family members at the party. There were no injuries reported.

"This was an isolated incident between family members. At this time, Dearborn Police believe there to be no further threat to the community," Dearborn police said in a statement. No one who was present at the time of the incident sustained any physical injuries."

Dearborn Manor is located off Oakman Blvd near Michigan Avenue. Video of the incident was first shared to social media, and initially posted by TCD Dearborn on Instagram, which reported the incident happened at a wedding reception.

"Someone is shooting at this wedding!" says the person who filmed the video. Guests can be seen scrambling from the room with various people on the floor ducking for cover. 

Dearborn police said the investigation is ongoing.

Screen capture from TCD Dearborn on Instagram

Screen capture from TCD Dearborn on Instagram