Family of 4 people killed in I-94 crash calling baby's survival a 'miracle'

A grieving family is heartbroken after an accident on I-94 left four young adults dead - but somehow the toddler in the back seat survived.

"God saved that baby," his family said.

Josiah turned one year old on Saturday. Early Monday morning, he was the sole survivor of a car crash that killed his mother, her best friend, his uncle and cousin.

"It's a miracle," said his aunt, Londa Nixon.

She says her 20-year-old niece, Alesia Maddox, chose the name of a Hebrew king - a name that means God has healed.

Four who died in I-94 crash identified by police

"His name says it all: Josiah. She got his name from the Bible. We teased her about it - you want his name to be Josiah? She said yeah I like that name, i don't know the reason why. It's just like a miracle that nothing's wrong with him - nothing," Nixon said.

Josiah was in a car seat and strapped in with a seatbelt when the SUV he was riding in lost control on eastbound I-94 in Harper Woods around 1 a.m., crashing into the 8 Mile bridge.

"The car came past doing about 80, flew past us and then he hit the wall and spun out of control," said John, a witness.

John and his father stopped to help but the driver - 20-year-old Dorii Rogers, and her passenger, 20-year-old Alesia Maddox were dead.

Alesia's son, Josiah, was safe in the backseat but her brother, 18-year-old Armonie Maddox and cousin 18-year-old Ervin Johnson, were ejected from the car and killed.

"That was the only thing that saved the baby was the car seat. It was shocking," John said.

"The child was the only one that survived and was the one that was actually buckled in," said Lt. Mike Shaw.

Toddler survives crash on I-94; four others dead

But so many others weren't - so many lives were lost.

"Speed and seatbelts - it's the main thing we talk about all the time. The simple fact of doing the speed limit will save your life," Shaw said.

A fund is being set up to help with funeral expenses - which FOX 2 will post when it's ready.

"We just need the prayers right now - the support and the prayers of everyone," said Sondra Maddox, the baby's grandmother.