Family of 6 homeless again after house goes up in flames

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A family's home destroyed by fire. He family of six - a mom and five children ages 7 to 15 - had gone from homeless to a home of its own. Now once again they have nothing.

“These people lost everything - from clothes - all different size clothes. They lost all their kitchen things – just imagine your kitchen skillets and all that stuff,” said Rick David, CEO of Lighthouse Oakland County. 

The duplex is part of their transitionary housing program for homeless women and children. The mother had just started a new job and was at work Tuesday evening while her teenaged child was watching the younger children. It turns out some of the younger children were playing with matches upstairs.

“It could happen in any family, and it happened here.”

Everyone made it out and Lighthouse has given the family another place to stay, but now they want to help this family get their life back.

Just last year Lighthouse helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for a senior housing complex that went up in flames. Now they're asking the community to help them - help a family of their own.

“We're appealing to the community in the most positive sense,” said David. “We want to share in partnership with them. It’s such an important program.”

Lighthouse of Oakland County is accepting financial donations as well as gently used clothing, or anything that can help the family get back on its feet. If you’d like to help call (248) 858-2950 or 248-766-4817 or Click Here.