Family of innocent driver killed by speeding man shares their crushing loss

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A Highland Park man has been charged in a crash that left two people dead on Detroit's west side. Police say the victims were caught in the middle of a street race when they were killed.

The suspect, 32-year-old Allivas Kyles, tried to run - but it didn't take long for police to track him down.

Detroit police say he blew the light at Coyle, T-boning the car driven by 61-year-old Sherman Wright and 52-year-old Eugenia Frison.

"We saw pictures on Facebook - we didn't know it was an accident dealing with my dad," said Takeya Harper.

The horrific accident was splashed across social media with the heartbreak soon setting in.

"You ripped something away from us," she said.

The tragic crash happened May 14. Surveillance video shows a street racer speeding down W. Seven Mile. 

"I hope he gets what is coming to him because he took our daddy away and didn't give us a chance to say goodbye," Takeya said. "Yet you get three meals a day for the rest of your life and my daddy doesn't get a life anymore."

"His family still gets to see him, they get to put money on his books and we are trying to get money for a funeral for something so senseless," said Sherman Wright, Jr. 

Kyles has been charged with two counts of second degree murder and driving without a license causing death.

Sherman Wright and his long time fiancé were on their way to the grocery store at the time. His kids say he always complained about street racers that often flew through that dangerous intersection.

"If they don't get ahold of this, there will be someone else crying and other victims," said his niece Tammy Crumsey. "You never thought you be on this side."

His four children and 14 grandchildren are now forced to move on without their beloved grandfather, who was always there for his family. 

The tragedy has especially hit home for Sherman, Jr. who lost his wife to cancer last fall. His dad was helping him raise his three young children.

"The last time I saw my dad, he took this necklace off his necklace off and gave it to me," said Sherman, Jr. "(He told me) he better not see me with it off. He meant the world to me and I am realizing he meant even more than I thought he did."

Detroit police are looking for the other two suspects. The family has a GoFundMe page, CLICK HERE to donate.