Family of man killed by People Mover file suit

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The family of a 53-year-old man who was killed when he fell on Detroit's People Mover have filed a lawsuit against the company that operates the service.

The man fell between two cars and was dragged by the train for almost 15 minutes in May. The family says the Detroit Transportation Corporation does not have enough safety precautions in place.

It was May 15th and Michael Whyte was at the Times Square People Mover Station when he suddenly falls between two cars while it was stopped.

His family, through an attorney, says that they don't have enough protections in place.

"The People Mover did not protect Mr. Whyte and others similary situationed. They should have barricades between the two cars, they should have had better cameras. They had one person monitoring 64 cameras,"

There are barriers in place now and FOX 2 learned that they have since made improvements to the surviellance system.

A close look at the video shows that Whyte may have been staggering and even taking a drink from a bottle at the time he fell.

"It appeared he was somewhat disoriented," Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody said.

Morse agrees and said that he may have been drunk but that's why the People Mover is there.

"He definitely had some alcohol in his system but that's why people take the people mover, public buses, or taxis," Morse said.

Lawyers for the People Mover have not responded but likely they will argue that if Mr. Whyte is 50% at fault, hsi family will not get a dime.

"We want people to come downtown and have a good time and enjoy themselves but they have to do so responsibly," Woody said.

The Detroit Transportation Corporation said this is the first death in 29 years on the People Mover.