Family of man stabbed to death by ex-girlfriend: She knew what she was doing

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Maurice Carpenter was stabbed to death at just 24 years old and his family says they can't understand, why.
"Everybody loved him and I don't know how this happened," said Michael Carpenter, Maurice's uncle.

Carpenter's ex-girlfriend 25-year-old Brianna Washington of Detroit, was arraigned Monday on one count of second degree murder.

FOX 2: "Do you think the charges fit?"

"I think it should be first degree murder because she knew what she was doing," said Michael.

Warren police said Friday night that Washington stopped over to Carpenter's condo on Hoover near 11 Mile because she wanted to get back together.

But when Washington learned Carpenter's new girlfriend, had been inside. - that's when police say she became upset. The two began to argue in the parking lot.

"You can have your arguments and everything else, just don't take it too far," said Michael. "You have to know when to stop and walk away."

Warren police say sometime during the argument, Washington pulled out a pocket knife stabbing Carpenter. The 24-year-old suffered from a deep slash to his abdomen.

Washington dropped him off at the hospital, but Carpenter died hours later.
"Two young lives destroyed," said Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer. "He's dead and she'll never be the same."

Police say Washington, although lying to hospital staff, admitted to stabbing Carpenter. She says he tried to attack her. Her family agreed it was self-defense. 

"You have to do a lot to push her to that point," said Eugene Washington, Brianna's father. "She feared for her life."

Washington's family also says that they fear Carpenter had been physically abusing her.

FOX 2: "What do you say to allegations that he was abusive?"

"No way, he was not abusive," said Michael Carpenter.

Carpenter's family says after losing his mother at a young age, his grandmother raised him and the young man became independent. 

They say he always saved time for his family adding that he was kind and always one to keep his cool.

"I feel sad for him because he's missing the best part of his life and she's going to miss the best part of her life," Michael Carpenter said. "And that should've never happened in the first place."

Right now Washington remains behind bars on a $2 million bond, back in court next week.