Family of man whose murder was caught by surveillance camera speaks out

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30-year-old Devin Wallace was shot and killed near They Say restaurant in Detroit September 11, 2015.

Days after police released surveillance video of a cold -blooded killing near the popular They Say restaurant on Detroit's east side, we are learning more about the man behind the wheel of the white Mercedes Benz.

30-year old Devin Wallace never stood a chance when the gunman unloaded at least a dozen shots right at him.

"Very nice man he went to high school with my son. They were best friends," said a family friend who wasn't identified. "That's all I can say. I don't know what or why."

Friends and family of Wallace are now organizing a vigil to remember him. They’re also using his murder to remind others that this shouldn't be happening - that we're all better than this. The vigil will be held near Joseph Campau and Franklin on Thursday - in the exact same spot where Wallace was taken from them.

"The main thing is to pray for our city, to stop going against each other and stop the violence," said Courtney Benjamin, Wallace's brother-in-law.

Investigators say the man in the white shirt who was talking to Wallace seconds before the shooting has been interviewed and released.

They are still working to track down the suspect who seemed so calm and so calculated when he opened fire, as well as the driver of that black Dodge Charger with red tape covering the license plate.

Police could use your tips and Wallace's family could use your support.

"We need prayer and peace and to live in peace." said Benjamin.

The vigil is set for Thursday at 6:30 p.m. outside They Say restaurant.

Wallace's funeral is set for Saturday.