Family of runner rallies around her recovery after car struck her

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It's been five months since tragedy hit this Metro Detroit Church leader and his family 

"Janelle suffered a very serious injury," said Pastor Joel Lindman.

Lindman's daughter, Janelle Thorne, a marathon runner, was jogging in a Livonia neighborhood when a motorist hit her, causing her to suffer a traumatic brain injury.

"He did decide to run a red light," Lindman said. "I know he did not try to hurt my daughter and I don't have any angst towards him."

Pastor Lindman says he is thankful for the community's support as Janelle continues to make progress in rehab 

"Each day we make a little progress, occasionally there is a setback," said Pastor Lindman.  

"I've seen her talk, I've seen her sing old fight songs from high school," said Drew Lindman, her brother. "I have had a lot of sweet moments. It's been powerful." 

"These things happen to a variety of people it's how do you respond when tragedy hits," Pastor Lindman said.  

As Janelle continues on her road to recovery, the family decided it was time to help others who were suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

"Cody Fry is coming to Detroit on Feb. 15th here at Belle Creek Community Church," Pastor Lindman said. "He was a competitor on American Idol."

Drew says the concert which will be held at his father's church will help raise money for The Brain Injury Association of Michigan which helps people like Janelle.

"They fight for them, through the court system or day to day," Drew said.

To learn more about the event and Janelle's road to recovery go to

Her family says it’s their mission to show other that hope an arise from a tragedy.

"Definitely a mission but not one that I would have asked for and that's how I know it's from The Lord," Drew said.

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