Family of woman killed by speeding driver asks for prayers

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Two people were killed and two more still hospitalized after a crash on Detroit's west side Thursday when a speeding Camaro went airborne and landed on top of their car.

On Friday one of the survivors is undergoing surgery and a make-shift memorial is growing at the crash site.  Stepping onto a playing field Friday in Detroit's Peterson Park gazing at this memorial it's a nightmare that's becoming all too real for the grandfather of 21-year-old Angel Careathers killed Thursday.

"We just thank God for the city of Detroit, they are just showing us love, they are pouring out many condolences," said Dr. Timothy Careathers.

Detroit police say Angel and her boyfriend Zacary had been sitting in a parked Chevy Malibu with his sister, and her sister, Krystal Careathers, in the back seat at the time of the crash. That was when a 37-year-old man speeding in his Camaro hit a curb, going airborne and slamming into the Malibu killing Angel and Zacary.

"This young man was just recklessly using his automobile and it ultimately became a guided missile killing two children, two young adults who had a great future ahead of them."

Detroit police say Zacary's teen sister and that driver are still hospitalized. Krystal had surgery Friday and Dr. Timothy Careathers visited his granddaughter, while thinking of the other he's lost.

He says Angel was a beautiful child, smart and ethical and if Angel could speak: "She would say 'Yes we do forgive the young man,' yes we do understand that there is a heaven for her, however we must concentrate on prosecuting this to the fullest extent of the law."

Timothy Careathers says Angel and Zacary had a loving relationship calling them two peas in a pod. His family visited with Zacary's as well.

"We are praying deeply together," Careathers said. "These kinds of things can really get out of hand, but we're praying that God keeps us peaceful."

Angela and Krystal's grandfather is able to watch a few people come by and pay the respects. Some people didn't even know them.

"That's horrific, that's tore up, that it happened like that," said Roy Blakey.

Neighbors say they become angry thinking about seeing that driver speeding down these streets often before that crash.

"I want it to radiate across the city, I want it to be heard all over the world, that this is not right," Careathers said.

Both of these families appreciate the love and support they're receiving as they also send the same to that driver and his family.

"We have no harsh feelings for the family and his children," said Careathers said. "My prayers are that justice will be served."