Family of woman who died in Harper Woods police custody wants answers

A couple dozen demonstrators gathered outside the Harper Woods Public Safety Headquarters after a woman died in police custody earlier this week.

Now Priscilla Slater's family and their attorney say, they want answers. 

On Wednesday the Detroit woman died while in custody. The family's attorney Geoffrey Fieger says Slater was arrested late Monday night and found on Wednesday afternoon. He believes something does not add up. 

"There is no possible way that police taking care of her, would not see someone was in a serious medical need and obtain medical help," Fieger said. "She didn't just up and die in the jail. She was there for 36 hours."

The Harper Woods Department of Public Safety says the 38-year-old was found unresponsive in a holding cell. Medics tried to revive her, but it was too late. 

"She just didn't die from a heart attack, she laid on a floor and died - why didn't anybody help her," Fieger said. "The indifference of the authorities, the powers that be, to black lives is astounding. It doesn't happen to rich white people."

Michigan State Police is investigating while Feiger does his own. Both are waiting for a report from the Wayne County Medical Examiner which will include information about how slater died. 

She was arrested in connection with a shooting in a motel parking lot in which a Detroit man Lewis Nichols, was charged with firing at - but not hitting - several people.

"I'll not leave any stone unturned and if I find there was wrongdoing I will right it," Fieger said.

Michigan State Police will forward their information to the prosecutor or attorney general once their investigation is complete. 

Priscilla Slater'