Family pleads for stolen dog sold on CraigsList returned for Christmas

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A family is desperate to have their dog returned for Christmas after he was stolen for a second time and sold on CraigsList.

Back in January 2017, Scrubby the Shitzu Maltese was inside an SUV that was stolen. But a viewer saw FOX 2's story and found him wandering McNichols and Telegraph, and returned the dog to his family. 

It was, we thought, a happy ending, until we heard from the Forris family that Scrubby has been stolen again.

"It's really unbelievable how people can just take people's pets - family members and try to sell them," said Debra Forris.

Debra said on Nov. 11, her husband Clarence had Scrubby at a friend's house near Grand River.

They were outside and Scrubby wasn't on a leash, when suddenly he was gone. 

She says they called police, searched social media and posted fliers, then she got a text from a stranger telling her to check CraigsList.

"She sent me the picture. I looked at it and said this is my dog," she said. "It was Scrubby."

Debra immediately went on CraigsList and reached out to the person who posted the ad selling Scrubby.

"I said please don't hang up - I'm the owner of the dog," Debra said. "I said his name is Scrubby, he said ma'am I'm just going to stop you. The dog's been sold."

It's not clear if that's true or who has Scrubby now, but Debra and her husband are desperate for his safe return. 

He's 12 years old, he has a heart condition and has been without his medication since Nov. 11. They just want him home for Christmas.

"She misses him - her husband misses him he's like their baby," said Carol Christian, Debra's sister. 'He's like their baby and please if you have a heart, please return Scrubby to her."

Debra says she's even willing to pay for Scrubby's safe return. Anyone with information on Scrubby's whereabouts please contact Debra at (313) 748-3114 or Clarence at (313) 784-3813.