Family posts 45-foot thank you sign outside for Beaumont Troy ICU staff

Lou DeLuca made a sign for family member.

"I kind of had it in the back of my head and my brother said, 'We're going up tonight, can you put a sign together?'"

And this family did put a sign together. 

"Go big or go home - that's definitely Lou for you," said Racula DeLuca.

And the sign was strategically placed Monday night on the west side of Troy Beaumont Hospital, facing the Intensive Care Unit, where many coronavirus patients are admitted. 

"We made it in front of the street in front of our house," Lou said. "Because it was kind of big, we went up there last night and staked it up."

No easy task, but this is a big family and they wanted to do something for the heroes, as they call them - the nurses, 
doctors and staff at Beaumont Hospital, who risk their lives to treat patients with the coronavirus. 

"The nurses are the ones that really take care of him, they're the ones that take the highest risk," Lou said.

So you're probably wondering, who is the sign for. The family wishes privacy, but he was admitted in late March - testing positive 
for the virus. He's been on a ventilator but he's making progress. The sign was put there along with a nighttime vigil. 

"To be able to give back to them, they're sacrificing their lives for their family," Lou said.

The family wanted to put up this 45-foot sign in front of Beaumont. They didn't ask permission- but Beaumont didn't say no.

"The Community has come together, our friends and family came together - and it is amazing to see how God is working in this situation," said Racula.