Family searches for man who went missing after I-96 hit and run

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After nearly a month, Terrance Hayes is still missing

"He literally just vanished," said Daija Stewart.

Hayes, Daija Stewart's brother, has been gone since his car discovered on westbound I-96 near Telegraph after a hit and run accident, three weeks ago.

Michigan State Police believe Terrance Hayes rear-ended another driver the night of Feb. 18th - and then left on foot. His phone was left behind in his Chevy.

"It's been over three weeks and we want to have faith," Stewart said. "And we want to believe that everything is okay but we just have so many unanswered questions it's hard for us to cope with it."

They've spent days searching going door to door while Michigan State Police sent dive teams into a nearby pond looking for Terrance. So far there has been no sign of the 28-year old.

"Every day we have a team to call the hospitals, morgues even the jails - still nothing," Stewart said.

And Daija says it's taking a toll on their mom. 

"Her life just went to shambles overnight it seems - and we just can't pick up the pieces - we can't find them - we don't have them," she said.

Daija says her brother has no history of mental illness or drug or alcohol problems. State police say he did have a suspended license due to traffic violations and could be in hiding but loved ones fear something far worse has happened to Terrance.

"I just want my brother to come home to have closure," she said.