Family tries to identify son 5 weeks after fiery crash in Highland Park

Patricia Lyons said the last time anyone saw or heard from her son Christopher Lyons was the day he bought a 2012 black Chevy Impala. 

That was February 22nd – the same day as a fiery crash involving a black Chevy Impala on Davidson near the Lodge in Highland Park. 

The crash killed one person, but the victim has yet to be identified

Patricia saw the accident on the news. She claims the victim is her son, and she has gone to great lengths to prove it.

"They told us that because the car caught on fire, things had burned, so they needed to get dental records and any DNA information they could get," Patricia said.

Detectives took Christopher's toothbrush weeks ago.

"After a month passed, I’m still calling and asking what's next – and they say 'we have the results, but now we have to get it technically certified," the mother said.


Driver who died in fiery crash at the Davison and Lodge in Highland Park still unidentified

After hitting the concrete barrier, the vehicle then caught fire and fell on the highway below.

Waiting for confirmation has been agonizing and stressful.

"The funeral home is on hold. So, we are just at a pause," Patricia said.

 The family is just looking to honor her son’s memory, and they are hoping that process can begin as soon as possible.

"Christopher graduated from Southfield High School, and he went on to Oakland Community College, and he opened his own (marketing) business," Patricia said. "We just want to move forward and have closure."

Christopher Lyons

FOX 2 Detroit reached out to the Highland Park Police Department Tuesday night but were unable to get a hold of anyone with knowledge on the case.