Family wants public's help finding missing Melvindale teen

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Marissa Escareno 

A 16-year-old Melvindale girl is missing, her family is desperate to find her using social media and pleading with anyone who's seen her to come forward.

"Please just come home or just call us," said Julia Delagarza, her aunt. "And let us know you are okay."

She says her 16-year-old niece Marissa Escareno left home Saturday and hasn't been seen since.

"She snuck out, came home on Saturday morning for a brief moment and then left again, ran down the street," Delagarza said. "And that's the last anyone's seen her since Friday evening."

Delagarza says it's unlike Marissa to just walk away and not contact her parents or any other family members.

"She's on the honor roll," Delagarza said. "She is enrolled in college program. She does co-op high school and college classes."

The family filed a police report because they believe Marissa could be in danger.

"Her high school friends told me she snuck out to meet a boy at a party," Delagarza said.

The family understands that police can only do so much so they're turning to Facebook to help bring Marissa home safely.

"Social media is key, so the more we can get out there looking for her the better changes we have in finding out that she okay," said Delagarza.

Delagarza hopes that if anyone has seen Marissa they will call police and she says if Marissa can hear her voice she hopes her words will touch her heart

"Sweetheart it is fine," she said. "Just come home."