Family whose baby died say his remains went missing

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New parents are devastated when their baby boy dies just eight hours after birth. Now they're coping with a new heartbreak.

"I don't know what's going on," said Annais Brown-Graham. "I need closure."

Watching her newborn son die in her husband's arms a year ago, Graham says she feels like she's lost him again.

"I'm at a loss," said Brown, 24. "My son is gone."

Graham's son Jeremiah was born in October of last year at Hutzel Hospital but was suffering from polycystic kidney disease. He passed away just eight hours later.

After saying goodbye to Jeremiah, Graham says she and her husband decided to donate his tiny body to Wayne State University for medical research, which could take up to two years.

Graham says she was told they could cremate him afterward. She called the university last week to check on him.

"To my surprise they said Jeremiah was not there, he was never checked in."

Graham says the hospital told her that Jeremiah was taken to Perry Funeral Home and buried.

But a spokesperson with Perry Funeral Home said the hospital told them to pick up Jeremiah because they determined he was abandoned.

"I was upset, I asked where is my son, this can't be happening, not again," she said. "What do you mean; I was going to abandon my son. Living or deceased, those are my kids."

A spokesperson with the funeral home also said Jeremiah is there and was never buried.

"So why would they tell me he was buried," Graham said.

FOX 2 called the Detroit Medical Center, which is now looking into what happened with baby Jeremiah. It released a statement Friday:

"The situation was investigated and hospital protocol was followed. HIPPA patient privacy protection laws prohibit us from speaking with the media concerning the specifics of the situation. However, we will contact the mother to discuss the matter in detail."

"Shame on them, I can't speak ill because that's not in my character," Graham said. "But shame on them. I am tired of this."

Graham is just relieved to know where her baby is saying she plans to bring him home and give him a proper service.

"Momma loves you and has been fighting for you," she said.