Family's American bulldog stolen on camera in SW Detroit

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A Detroit family is heartbroken after their dog was stolen from their front yard. They're offering up reward money for any information that could bring Luna back. 

Someone snatched Luna, an American bulldog, from a front yard on Moyes Street in southwest Detroit about 4 p.m. Tuesday. The dognapping was caught on camera. 

"I was very shocked because I got him for my birthday," said Esmerelda Corteze.

Esmeralda may be taking it the hardest. She saved up her money to buy Luna seven months ago.

Now her family is putting up reward money to get Luna back, or to get information about the guy who stole her. He was driving a silver Ford Escape.

"The car came down Burton Street and it slowed down in front of the house and it parked in front of the field," said Angelica Olvera. "And he stood out here for a good two or three minutes. 

Olvera said she doesn't want to think that Luna might have been taken for a dog fighting ring. "I'm not even thinking about that, I just hope they took her because she is pretty."

Either way, Angelica and her daughter just want Luna back home.

"If you want to drop her off our other dogs are here," Angelica said. "You guys can even call across the street and drop her off at the grocery store across the street, the Garden Fresh Market."

Anyone with information should call 1-810-336-2695.