Family's photographs with 'beach buoy' that ends up being a bomb

You know those days, when you're playing on the beach and then stumble upon what you think is an old buoy?

So you decide to take pictures with the metal contraption, only to learn later it's actually a live U.S. military mine from World War 2. Yeah neither do we.

But the Gravell family sure does!

And take pictures they did. The rusty sphere on a beach in South Wales was covered with barnacles and seaweed, which covered up a lot of the print on it's surface.

Five days after their risky photoshoot, county park officials announced it was actually a military mine. A friend then notified them of the revelation through Facebook after seeing the photos posted.

The family made sure to watch the controlled detonation together after the coast guard notified the bomb squad.

You never know what's going to happen during quality family time.