Farmington Hills law enforcement looking for potential witnesses in Sunday shooting at hookah lounge

Police still have several questions they're asking following a late-night shooting at a local business in Farmington Hills on Sunday.

"We were closing for the night and we let them know that we could not sell them hookah because it was time for us to close," said Marianne Khudhur. "So they used the restroom and were okay with it and then they left." 

That was around 2 a.m. Sunday morning when the co-owner of the hookah lounge said they heard the sound go danger nearby.

"We had locked the doors and were ready to go home and then we start to hear gunshots," said Khudhur.

The investigation is still in the early stages but police believe a dispute took place between a group of people that ended in gunshots.

When the shooting was reported to police, investigators were told that a victim had been taken to a local hospital and reported they were shot at an unknown hookah lounge.  As police started digging deeper, it was revealed the shooting took place in the parking lot of the business.

Farmington Hills Police are now looking for the two women in a photo captured by the business, suspecting them as being potential witnesses. Their photo was captured near the time of the shooting.

Police also want to speak to the owners of mid-sized SUVs that were parked in the lot, hoping any information they can provide will help. 

As the investigation continues, the owners of the hookah lounge want their customers to know their business is a safe place to hang out. 

"We have our daily customers, we've never had an issue we've been here two years," said Khudhur.