Farmington Hills man crashes new car while running from Birmingham police, said he didn't know how to drive it

Police in Birmingham said they arrested a Farmington Hills man last week after he ran from police in a car that he just bought but didn't know how to drive it.

According to police, the 21-year-old man was arrested last Friday night after he fishtailed, hit a curb, drove onto the median, and drove with a flat tire while trying to run from police.

It started a little after 8 that night when a Birmingham motorcycle officer spotted the car pulling northbound on Woodward Ave and the driver accelerated aggressively. The driver then lost control and the officer turned on his lights and tried to stop him.

The car then fishtailed multiple times and the tires spun, sending white smoke in the air. The driver then hit the curb and then stopped in the median near Taunton Road. 

The officer believed that was the end of it so he parked his motorcycle behind the car and continued the stop. But then the car started going, this time south on Woodward Ave.

The officer followed but soon lost sight of the car. He kept heading south on Woodward and he saw the car's taillights on Smith Ave at Cummings Ave but lost it again.

Several witnesses helped guide the officer in the direction and the car was found parked on Grant Ave. The left front tire of the car was flat and the rim was dented from hitting the curb. The man who had been driving the car was questioned about what happened.

The Farmington Hills man said he just bought the car and didn't know how to drive it. Police told FOX 2 that the man was driving a Mercedez and the man didn't know how to handle the power of the car.

The man said he did not see the emergency lights and drove through the neighborhood because he didn't want to stop and check the damage in Birmingham.

Another witness reported the car nearly his car while speeding through the neighborhood.

Police said the man told him he has an immigration status hearing in September 2022 and didn't want it on his record to negatively affect the hearing.  

The man was arrested for fleeing and eluding. His name was not released.