Farmington Hills police fight to find therapy dog stolen from boy with special needs

Farmington Hills police say they're determined to help a teenager with special needs who fought to keep one of his dogs but watched as thieves stole the other one.

Sergey Olsen, 17, was walking his small therapy dogs on Lochmoor near Middlebelt and 14 Mile when four people inside a Chevy Aveo stopped to talk to him. They asked to pet his dogs, got out and did. It seemed routine and friendly -- until they grabbed the dogs and shut the doors to the car. 

Therapy dog stolen from teen with special needs dragged by car in Farmington Hills

As the car began to drive off, Sergey grabbed onto the seatbelt inside and reached in for one of the dogs and was dragged 50 to 100 feet in the process. The car eventually took off with one of his dogs still inside. 

The crime happened at 6:45 - broad daylight - Wednesday night.

Sergey's parents, Liz and Bill Olsen, say he was able to get Lukie but his brother, Hennessey, is still gone.

"I don't know how sergey's going to do if we can't find that dog - I'm really worried about that," Bill said.

The family called 911 and police searched the area. The family is desperate to get the pet back.

"I went to get to the other dog and basically they shoved me out of the car. I hung on to the seatbelt and they shoved me from there," Sergey said.

The 17-year-old is  feeling down and, even though Lukie is safe, he's missing Hennessey.

"I mean honestly what he did was completely heroic - I'm incredibly proud of him but he doesn't hear that - he hears I missed one," said Bill.

But Farmington Hills Police aren't giving up. They're looking for that silver car - believed to be a Chevy Aveo or Spark - with three young black men and woman insde. Police say they're likely in their 20's or 30's and are searching the area for surveillance video.

The olsens are searching social media in case someone is trying to sell Hennessey online. All they want is their dog back - and justice for their son.

"This is an assault - they need to catch these people so I'm just praying they'll bring the dog back and we won't ask any questions and let's be done. Bring my dog - bring my little dog home," said Liz.

Anyone with any information about the suspects or Hennessey is asked to call Farmington Hills Police right away.

The family and police are asking anyone who sees Hennessy, who is a Morkie - which is a mix between a Maltese and a Yorkie - to call 248-871-2600.