Fatal Detroit hit and run caught on video, family wants justice

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The final moments of a man's life caught on surveillance video Thursday night on Detroit's west side.

Konata Warren's devastated family is hoping the video will help catch the driver who slammed into the man and took off.

"Every memory, every moment I'll cherish," said Margarita Warren, the victim's brother.

The family of 42-year-old Konata Warren is heartbroken. Their brother was crossing the street at Puritan and Meyers Thursday evening just before 9 p.m. when he was struck by a car.

A video camera captured the fatal accident on film, where you see two men - one walking ahead of Konata, who makes it across the street

But as Konata starts to cross, he stops. Two vehicles can be seen traveling in opposite directions approach. What happens next is too graphic to show.

One of the vehicles plowed into Konata and throw his body into the air.

Family members say they want the driver of the vehicle who hit and killed their loved one to step up and do the right thing.

"Whoever did it please just turn yourself in just give us closure," said Warren.  "It's was just an accident. It was raining that night maybe they didn't see him. Just please, come forward."

Family members say Konata was in the process of getting his life on track.

He had been working earlier that day with his brother to clean carpet at a church. His brother dropped him off and he went to a nearby store.  Family members say he was walking home from there, but Konata would never make it.

Police say after the car hit Konata and drove off, he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he later died.

Family members say life without their loved one will never be the same.

"You used to seeing him come through back door, like 'Hey what are you doing," said Warren. "Now it's like we aren't' going to have that anymore."

Police say they are looking for a dark colored vehicle and want anyone with information about this incident to contact them immediately at (313) 596-5200.

Konata leaves behind an 18-year-old daughter and the family setup a GoFundMe account to help pay for funeral expenses  If you would like to make a contribution CLICK HERE.

"It is like a piece of the puzzle torn out of the family," Warren said.