Fatal shooting of man in stomach may not have been accident

A 19-year-old was fatally wounded late Wednesday night when gunfire erupts inside a house.

Initially, police investigated this as an accidental shooting on Outer Drive near Gratiot but that might not be the case.

Police say they received a 911 call that a 19 -year-old man was accidentally shot in the stomach.

"I was shaking who got killed at my house," said George Bolden. "I thought it might be my son. I don’t know who got killed

Bolden rushed home to learn it was actually his son's childhood friend who was killed at his east side home. By the time Steven Holmes or "Sunny" as everyone called him, was rushed to the hospital he was already gone.

"No one is giving me any information," Bolden said. "They told me my son and the guys in the house were taken down for questioning."

Besides Sonny, there were four other young men in their late teens to early 20s in the house that night. They were taken into custody and questioned to determine if it was an accident or intentional.

The young men admitted to police they were partying and playing with the weapon when it went off.

Police spent much of the day searching for the weapon used in the shooting and finally located the semi-automatic handgun inside one of the bedrooms.

Now investigators are trying to figure out who it belongs to.

One neighbor, Deborah awoke to the gunshot. She said she remembers young men next door playing with guns in the past.

"I do know that about month ago police were out there," she said. "They saw someone taking selfies with a gun."

FOX 2: "Whose gun was it?"

"I have no idea," Bolden said.

FOX 2: "Does your son have a gun?"

"Not that I know of," he said.

Even if it was an accident police say there is a possibility charges could be filed.