Father in custody after 10-year-old accidentally shoots brother

A father is in police custody after a little boy accidentally fired a shotgun Monday, critically injuring his brother.

Ge Kue says he heard about his 14-year-old nephew being shot Monday evening and rushed over to his relative's home to check on the family.

"I heard critical condition," he said.

Police tell Fox 2 that the teen was shot inside this home on Pfent Street in a back bedroom around 7:30 p.m. Monday.

Investigators say the person who pulled the trigger was the victim's 10-year-old brother as they were playing with the gun.

Police say the 10-year-old was released and the boys' father is now in custody

"If you are a father you have to take care of your children," WHO said.

As family members try to make sense of this tragedy, neighbor, Malik Henry, describes what he saw when emergency crews arrived to the scene.

"We see the little boy get carried out on stretcher, blood all on his shirt," Henry said. "I was like dang is he alive or dead? I was worried ... praying for his life."

This shooting on Pfent Street is the second shooting of a teen in metro Detroit in recent days and some say the shooting is a reminder about gun safety.

"Certain objects you have to keep out of your kids' reach. If you have a gun in your house you have to hide it to the best of your ability so your kids won't be able to get it," Henry said.