Father of 15-year-old gunshot victim kills teen gunman on Detroit's west side

Detroit police arrested a man who gunned down the armed teen who shot his 15-year-old son on Thursday night.

The shooting happened in the 2400 block of Honorah near Pitt Street at 7:15 which began when the 15-year-old was being robbed by another teen in a suspected video game sale.

The teen shot the 15-year-old at some point before the victim's 36-year-old father came out of the house.

He struggled with the teen robber, then shot him. He died from his wounds, according to Detroit police. His age is not being released. 

Police said that the teens were making a transaction over a video game, which turned into a robbery. 

"The 15-year-old victim sufffered a gunshot wound to the face," said Capt. Russell Solano, 4th Precinct. "He is going to be fine. The suspect and the victim met up, the suspect was going to buy a video game. The suspect tried to rob the 15-year-old by producing a handgun.

"The father of the 15-year-old comes out of the house, there was a struggle, the father shoots and kills the victim."

DPD arrested the 36-year-old man, which it says is the teen's father. The 15-year-old has been taken to Detroit Children's Hospital. His condition is unknown.

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