Father of son shot to death by mom, said he was abused

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Demetrius Taylor, Jr. was killed by his mother who told police it was in self-defense.

A mother who fatally shot her son after he broke into her apartment is not facing charges.

The man's father told a different story about how the woman treated her 24-year-old son, whom he claims included abuse and violence.

Demetrius Taylor, Jr. 24 was shot and killed at her Farmington Hills apartment at 1:40 a.m. Oct. 28.  His own mother admits to shooting her son once, killing him. She said she feared for her life at her own apartment when he came at her with a brick.

"Do a thorough investigation," said great aunt Darlena Taylor-Bonds. "Give him justice - that's all I want."

Bonds is Demetrius' great aunt. She says she questions the mother's account to police that she shot her son in self-defense.

FOX 2: "Was he capable of hurting his mother?"

"I don't think so," Bonds said. "Demetrius never came across as being a violent person, he to me, was a walk-away guy."

Farmington Hills police say the investigation reveals there was more than one domestic altercation at the apartment that night, and that Demetrius Taylor was there, then later returned.

Taylor's girlfriend and his sister were also at the apt. when he was shot.

"The son approached her with a piece of cement or concrete and I'm not going to release any other details," said Farmington Hills Police Chief Charles Nebus

But Demetrius Taylor Sr. questions the self-defense story.

"How is it self-defense when all you have to do is call 911," he said. "Just because you have a CPL you feel that you have the right to take somebody's life. What danger were you in. He didn't have a gun."

Farmington Hills police wrapped up their investigation and the Oakland county prosecutor agreed with the conclusion.  There will be no charges for the mother.