FBI raids Redford detective's home, reason is a mystery

The Federal Bureau of Investigation swarmed the home of a Redford police detective in Canton, but the reason surrounding the raid is unknown, even by the detective.

The FBI pulled up to the home in Canton Monday morning. It belongs to Kevin Reif, a Redford Police Detective who has previously been assigned to both the Western Wayne County auto theft unit and the MSP southeast auto theft team. When the FBI left, they had boxes, a computer, bags of evidence, and a safe. The reason for the raid is unknown. If Reif knows, he's not telling.

"I don't know. I gotta let them do their job, I don't really know what to say, they're doing their job. It will all be cleared up soon," Reif said.

Reif is no stranger to controversy. In 2012, he was part of a raid of Bestway Auto. The owners filed a federal lawsuit, claiming that the officers took $108,000 from them, among other claims. CLICK HERE TO READ THE LAWSUIT.

The case was later dismissed.

On Monday, investigators photographed Reif's home, his truck, his new pool, and even the new front door. Neighbors were surprised to see so many investigators at the home of an officer.

"The FBI all had on bullet proof vests and flack jackets - then they started walking around the home. Then the technicians came out and started taking pictures of the home and the front door," an anonymous neighbor said.


Reif actually arrived home during the raid and police frisked him and put his hands behind his back. He then went inside with investigators and then left a few hours later with the evidence. The question now is, what is their allegation?

Reif said he assumed it was around the 'salvage stuff' but would not elaborate on what that meant. At least one other officer - Michigan State Police Trooper Seth Swanson - was locked up after stealing $170,000 in salvage vehicle inspection fees.


He said he couldn't tell us anything about why the FBI was there and that they didn't tell him anything either.

"Obviously I would love to talk to you more but I can't. I gotta get back to work and do my thing," Reif said.

The FBI only confirmed to FOX 2 that they were at the home. They provided no other details.