FCA's $2.5 billion investment hinges on city land purchase of 200 acres

The good news? Fiat Chrysler wants to invest part of the city and modernize an assembly plant.

The bad news? It hinges on the city of Detroit buying 200 acres of land - by tomorrow.

Earlier this year, FCA promised to invest $2.5 billion to update the Jefferson north assembly plant, as well as convert two plants near Mack Avenue into a new assembly plant. But that means tearing down a whole lot of blight.

"They're going to go," said Arthur Jemison, chief of services and infrastructure for the Mayor's Office. "Those demos are going to come down probably starting in the next nine or 10 months."

Reports indicate that some of those 200 acres are owned by the Moroun family. As of now, they might be holding out on the acquisition deal. No comment from them yet however, as well as a 'no comment' chief of services.

"We are working hard on that and I expect this to go right up to the deadline," Jemison.

"Who is the hold out?" he's asked.

"No hold out, everyone is working; collaborating," Jemison responded.

The entire project put forth by FCA includes 4,950 jobs and a "pathway to the middle class." 

As that plan reaches its final stages, other parts are moving forward - like the community benefits package worth $13.8 million which offers impact residents a first chance at some of the new jobs.

"That's the kind of thing I want to make sure that people know about," said Jemison.