Feds: California man used Detroit teen for sex slavery

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Kevin Keys, aka Stac-a-Dollar

A California man is facing federal charges in Michigan accused of kidnapping a Detroit teenager and forcing her into prostitution

The 16-year-old victim's mother said it was sex slavery that nearly killed her daughter. According to a federal indictment, her sexual predator was Kevin Keys also known as "Stac-a-Dollar."

He created an online profile using Facebook and the social media site MocoSpace. Online police uncovered conversations offering sex with the 16-year-old victim in exchange for money.

The teen was reported missing from her Detroit home in August, 2014, but apparently she wasn't far from home.

According to court papers, the Detroit Jazz Fest Keys set up a tent in which the victim was to perform sex acts for money. They were trying to raise money to get to California.

Amidst the thousands who attend the festival, Keys is said to have set up a venue for human sex trafficking. Experts say these large scale events are often the perfect cover for the illegal activity.  

According to court documents, Keys and his victim would only make it as far west as Minnesota. That's when he allegedly turned on the news and saw that she was 16 years old.

The documents say once in Minnesota he bought her a wig so no one would recognize her.

Only days later the victim would become sick and was taken at the hospital where her mother tells FOX 2 she was left alone to die.

That's when her true identity was discovered and she was reunited with her family - and helping investigators build their case against 'Stac-a-Dollar'

 Keys' trial will start in August. He faces multiple felonies including sex trafficking of a minor and transportation of a minor to engage in prostitution.  

He's currently being in jail on those charges.