Ferndale considering $20 million dollar parking structure

Parking is becoming a problem in the City of Ferndale, as a battle brews between businesses and the city.

Ferndale is a hot spot in metro Detroit. But do they need more parking?

"The task force unanimously decided that we did need we need a parking structure around here. Thank God," said Dean Bach of Dino's.

Their prayers have been answered.

The city is proposing a four-level, mixed-use parking structure with retail on the ground floor and about 400 spaces, compared to 138 now.

It'll cost up to $20 million -- many like it.

But soon, this current parking lot between Troy and Allen street will be the new structure. How soon?

"Our guess is that after shovels are in the ground, there's going to be about 18 months, probably two years," Bach said.

But some businesses are worried.

"If it takes two years it will just be a killer," said Josie Knapp, who owns Assaggi Bistro.

"What's going to happen to businesses while they take that many parking spaces offline?" said Patrick Doran, who owns Professional Guitar.

City officials say they hope to complete the project between 12 to 15 months and during that time the city has dedicated $150,000 for valet and shuttle services. 

Ferndale residents will get a chance to discuss parking. The city council has a meeting Monday night for the future of the parking lot will be discussed.

"It'll be pretty and it'll house some cars, so when we grow in the future we'll be good to go," Bach said.