Ferndale police officer replaces man's stolen bike so he can get to work

A cruel thief steals a man's bike robbing him of his only way to get to work. But a Ferndale police officer did something about it.

"I couldn't believe it," said Tyreese Taylor. "I could not believe that actually happened."

The month of May started off rough for Taylor, who showed up early for his Taco Bell shift in Ferndale. Before he knew it, someone took off on his bike, his only mode of transportation.

"He was on my bike so I ran right after him," he said. "I was getting a little emotional and stuff, but I tried not to let it bring me down,  

Ferndale Police Officer Chris Wiacek responded to the stolen bike call.

"You feel bad for anybody who gets their only mode of transportation stolen," he said. "In this particular instance, there was something I could do about it."

Officer Wiacek called up his friends at Motor City Pawn Brokers in Ferndale. He wanted to buy Tyreese a bike, but after hearing what happened, the store generously decided to donate one.  

Wiacek said nothing felt as good as seeing the smile on Taylor's face when he delivered it to him. The officer did use his own money to make sure the bike was in tip-top shape with lights and a new lock for security.  

From left, Officer Chris Wiacek and Tyreese Taylor.

From left, Officer Chris Wiacek and Tyreese Taylor.

I'd have to say the smile that he gave me when I showed up and gave him bike and you know, showed him how to lock the bike up and showing him all the different features on the bike," Wiacek said. "You know, it's like seeing your child on Christmas Morning."

For Taylor who has had his own set of challenges, to know someone went out of their way, especially a police officer to get him a bike so he could still get to work, meant the world to him.