Ferndale votes unanimously to ban conversion therapy in city

During Monday's regular meeting, Ferndale's city council voted unanimously to outlaw conversion therapy - the controversial practice of trying to change individuals who identify as gay, lesbian or anywhere else on the LGBTQAI spectrum. The ban will go into effect once the ordinance has been published.

Oak Park just put your Nine Mile on a diet

Meet your new Nine Mile. It's slimmed down and shed a few exits, added a few new lanes and beautified some sections as well. Oak Park has put the road on a diet to reduce traffic accidents while increasing walkability and bikeability as well. When it's done, the redesigned Nine Mile will stretch from Ferndale to Southfield and include two fewer lanes. While not a radically new idea, this new urban planning model is a burgeoning trend among cities.

Four arrested in connection to almost half of all Ferndale thefts from vehicles this year

On Tuesday, Ferndale Police announced they had arrested four men connected with almost half of all thefts from cars in the city in 2019. They're also tied to more than $400,000 worth of stolen vehicles and a myriad of stolen valuables from hundreds of thefts. The four are believed to have made thefts in Detroit, Farmington City, Grosse Pointe Park, Hazel Park, Lansing, Oak Park and Warren.