Fiance of accused shooter said he was trying to save teen from aggressive dog

A 16-year-old boy who was shot during a reported dog attack is still in police custody in Detroit as neighbor said the man was just trying to save the teenager.

Detroit Police were called to the area of Bentler and Seven Mile Wednesday night around 9 p.m. to the shooting of the 16-year-old boy. The victim's neighbor is the alleged shooter but he claims he was trying to save the teen. Other neighbors seem to back up that story and say the dog was aggressive earlier in the day.

The accused shooter has not been identified but his fiance, Kimberly Ford, said he was trying to help but admitted his own mistake.

"He called me and said I called the police on myself. I made a mistake and shot somebody," said Ford. "(There's) blood on the side of my house and there's still a spat of blood right there by my truck."

Ford's fiance is still in custody for the shooting. She says he was outside with his German Shepherd chained up on the side of the house when a pit bull ran up on the dog. 

The two dogs started fighting and the owner of the pit bull, the 16-year-old, tried to intervene. Ford and her fiance say the teen was being attacked and started screaming, so Ford's fiance tried to shoot the dog, hitting the teen in the leg.

"He was just really trying to help - that's all that was. He wasn't aiming for the boy, he doesn't even know the boy," said Ford.

He was taken into custody and police are still investigating. It's not known if he will face any charges.

"Hopefully they understand that these dogs are dangerous - just not too long ago a little girl got killed - we didn't want that to happen on the side of our home," said Ford.

The attack and shooting comes on the heels after other recent dog attacks, including the mauling death of Emma Hernandez. She was mauled by three pit bulls as she rode her bike.

The owner of those dogs is facing murder charges. 

Just two days later, Hernandez's uncle was attacked by a German Shepherd. In July a man was mauled by three pit bulls on Warwick and just this week a woman's car was badly damaged by a pack of dogs trying to get to a cat hiding underneath her vehicle.

The neighbors in Detroit are sick of dangerous dogs and irresponsible owners.

"Do not get no dog until you know how to be a proper owner. But people out here, kids walking around daily, there's no reason for this to be going on. You know you got an aggressive dog, who cares how tough you and your dog are? Put him on a leash," one neighbor, who didn't want to be identified, said.

If that had happened Wednesday, maybe the teen wouldn't be hospitalized and the suspected shooter wouldn't be in jail.

"He had good intentions and I just hope they see that. That's all it was. He's not a violent guy, he's a family man," said Ford.