Fifth-grader shot in jaw by classmate with air gun in school

A 5th grader at Schulze Academy for Technology and the Arts says a red mark on his chin was left by a student firing some sort of weapon at him in school, this past Wednesday.

Detroit Public Schools Community District says it was an air gun.  

"He (brought) it that day, he kept flashing it at people and sometimes he put it in his pocket and walked around with it," said Kamauri Nixon.

Kamauri says he saw the child pointing the weapon at other students and says another child was hit in the forehead.

"As a parent, I had to process this because with all of these shootings and all this going on in these schools, this is something very serious," said his mother Ashley White.

Kamauri’s mom says the first time she heard about the incident was from her child - not the school - which didn’t sit well with her.

She took the matter to DPSCD, and wants to press charges.

"My son, he’s terrified," she said. "He doesn't want to go to school, he's terrified to tell anybody at the school what's going on, because nobody does anything."

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The district says the student has been suspended and will not return to the school. In a statement, DPSCD said:

" A message was sent to staff and families last night after the investigation was completed. District protocols for handling this incident were not followed by school-based personnel and will be addressed internally. We are reminding all families to check backpacks before students attend school each day and discuss with them the consequences of bringing a weapon to school."

Kamauri Nixon and mother Ashley White.

Kamauri Nixon and mother Ashley White.