Fight in car causes 21-year-old Roseville woman's death

After receiving a 911 call from a car claiming they'd been hit by a semi-truck, police discovered a fight in the car caused the death of a 21-year-old Roseville woman.

Police received a set of 911 calls early Thursday morning from individuals on westbound I-94 near Shook Road in Macomb County. In the first call, a woman yelled, "We got hit." The call was somehow disconnected, and police believe the individuals called back, with a calmer individual on the phone.

The person from the second call said they were hit by a semi-truck that was trying to switch lanes.

"My friend flew out the (expletive) window. My friend and I carried her back, and she's not responsive," the person said.

Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said deputies responded to the area, but the woman had died by the time emergency vehicles reached the hospital.

Upon further investigation, police discovered the women had not been hit by a semi-truck.

"St. Clair Shores police was able to stop a semi-truck down by I-94 and 9 Mile (Road). The truck was impounded. And through our investigation and actually interviewing both the driver and the backseat passenger, it doesn't appear they were hit," Wickham said.

The three women had spent the evening at some local bars before a fight broke out in the truck while on the road.

"It started out as a verbal altercation between front seat passenger and the backseat passenger, basically about the night coming to an end. That verbal altercation then turned into a physical altercation in which the front seat passenger was fighting with the backseat passenger in the back of the pickup truck."

The driver, 20-year-old Ceara Abbott lost control of the pickup and crashed. Abbott was taken into custody and arraigned on charges for driving under the influence of alcohol and causing death.

"We believe the driver was the first one that called and ... somehow was disconnected and redialed. As you can hear, there's a calmer person on the phone. I think that is the backseat passenger."

The sheriff said the other passenger who fought with the victim is not in custody. However, the 21-year old could be facing charges at some point depending on what else authorities find out in their investigation.