FightLikeDes Foundation raises money for college scholarships

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Fighting for others when you are in the fight for your own life 

Fox 2 met Destinee back in 2017 when she opened up about her fight to survive brain cancer and cardiac sarcoma, a rare cancer in the heart.

"I'm trying to live a good life and inspire others while I have a chance," she said.

But as Destinee's fight to survive continues, she is also fighting on behalf of others. Through the "Fight Like Des Scholarship" she started in 2018.

On Saturday a walk took place at the Oak Park High School Track to continue her fundraising effort.

"I'm hoping to send 5 students to college and take care of their balances," she said. 

Brianna Smith who is starting her freshman year at the University of Michigan is a recent scholarship recipient and a cancer survivor herself 

"I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma," Smith said.

Brianna says the one-thousand-dollar scholarship she received will be put to good use.

"I had a tuition scholarship but it didn't cover books or room and board or anything," she said.

Debra Saylor of Pontiac saw Destinee promoting Saturday's walk when she sat down with Fox 2s Amy Andrews.

"It called our name from the minute we seen it, and I was online and I'm like we're going," Saylor said. 

"I'm going to cry it's just sad that so many people die from this and we can't find cures. And this is just a great way to promote kids and an Awareness to cancer," she said. 

"We want people to know cancer is not a death sentence you can fight like des. Nothing is impossible she's showing you today while she's out here raising money for college scholarships," Weeks said.

FightLikeDes Foundation Run/Walk Aug. 10

"Just give the best fight you can, at the end of the day as long as you know you gave it the best fight that's all that matters," Destinee said.