Fire at Katoi restaurant in Corktown, arson suspected

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Photo Courtesy Jordan Gray 

Crews are at the scene of a fire at a popular restaurant in Detroit's Corktown. Katoi caught fire Friday morning around 6 a.m.

Authorities believe someone broke into the restaurant snd set it on fire to cover it up. The back door was open and there were bags of alcohol by the door.

'It appears that there was a break-in. They were stealing liquor. There was a bag of liquor by the door. It appears the fire was set to cover up the break in," says Detroit Fire Deputy Commissioner David Fornell.

Investigators are hoping the restaurant's surveillance video will offer more clues as to what happened and how the fire was started.

Nemo's Bar and Grill, just a couple blocks away, was also broken into just a couple hours earlier. Someone smashed out the front window and stole bottles of alcohol and some cash. No word yet on if the two break-ins are connected.

The fire at Katoi extinguished around 7:30 a.m. We're told the damage inside is severe. No injuries were reported.

Katoi is located at 2520 Michigan Avenue, which is near the Fisher Freeway and 14th Street. Katoi serves food inspired from southeast Asia, and was just named the #1 Best New Restaurant by the Detroit Free Press.