Fire still burning at roofing company, but is under control

A chaotic scene earlier but it's calming down tonight at the large commercial fire at Lutz Roofing in Shelby Township.

A firefighter went to a hospital with smoke inhalation, he has since been released. The fire is contained you can still see some crews there are pouring water on hot spots.

For more than five hours the street was covered with first responders from at least 11 departments— all working to put out the flames.

"The fire just started off as black smoke and then I saw people running, I even heard a small explosion, so I am very thankful to the Shelby Fire Department," said Florian Gjinaj who lives nearby.

According to the Lutz website, the contractor installs roofs for hospitals, warehouses, "and more."

The Shelby Township Fire Department released a Hazardous Air Quality Alert. The township supervisor says they worried about dangerous materials possibly burning— like Styrofoam and tires.

"It is definitely traumatizing because my family actually is diabetic I’d hate for us to be breathing in fumes during a time like this," Gjinaj said.

The fire department also recommended folks stay inside if they live north of 22 Mile Road and south of 23 Mile Road between Van Dyke and Ryan. Now the supervisor tells us the most important thing— no one was seriously hurt.