Firefighter charged with taking pill bottle from fatal crash scene

A firefighter in Harrison Township has been charged with tampering with evidence after a pill bottle couldn't be located at the scene of a fatal accident. 

Authorities say Steven Hart, 45, responded to a fatal motorcycle crash near Executive Drive and Joy Boulevard the night of August 21.

Responding deputies had said an orange prescription pill bottle with multiple pills was at the scene of the accident, but when the Crash Investigation Unit later arrived they couldn't find the container. 

"This is not something we see very often," Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said. "But it's something that when the public sees it, they have to know that we take it serious and will prosecute."

After reviewing footage from deputies' body cams, authorities say Hart can be seen picking up the pill bottle, looking at it and keeping it. Authorities aren't sure what he did with the pill bottle from that point on.

Authorities released the body cam footage in question, which you can watch in the video player above. 

Hart has been charged with one count of Tampering with Evidence, a four year felony, and is currently on administrative leave. 

"No one saw it at the time," Smith said. "Everyone saw the orange pill bottle there and they made sure they told the et's to grab the pill bottle. But when the evidence techs went to look for the bottle it wasn't there."

Hart turned himself in on September 24 and was arraigned on his charge. He was given a $10,000 personal bond. He's scheduled to be in court again on October 3. 

"We are going to make sure that this doesn't happen again," Smith said.

Two roadside memorials here from the Aug. 21st motorcycle crash - one for the driver, the other a passenger on the bike.

Prosecutor Smith says had someone survived this crash, that bottle could have been a crucial in the case.

"Those pills could have been very vital in a prosecution," he said. "Nobody saw him take it and that's why the body cameras are so good and we are able to pick that out."