Fireworks and pets: A warning from the experts

 Once the fireworks begin, many lost and frightened cats and dogs end up in shelters. Corinne Martin from the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society tells Fox 2 most dogs and cats are fearful of the loud cracking noises and feel the need to run away from the sounds. You can keep your pet safe by: Making sure your cat is indoors and not allowed outside, especially during this time of year. Make sure your dog has some kind of identification on its collar, even if it's handwritten with a marker or pen. After dusk, go outdoors with your dog or keep it on a leash for potty breaks. If you have outdoor dogs, provide a shelter for them to feel safe and be sure they are secure from breaking away. If your pet is lost, contact all local shelters in the area. Dogs will keep running when they hear fireworks and can often travel quite a distance.

The Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society is also seeking a new home for a bonded pair of Shihtzu Poodle Mixes. Tommy and Mary are a mother and son black and white and gray and white pair. For more information on adopting the pair contact the shelter at (313) 884-1551 or www.GPAAS.ORG