First Lady Jill Biden traveling to Michigan next week

First Lady Jill Biden is coming to Michigan next week as part of the president's Investing in America Tour.

Biden will be focusing on programs that help ready high school and community college students for jobs that will open up in the coming years. She'll be joined by the education secretary for part of the tour.

It wasn't initially divulged where the first lady will be in Michigan. She's made previous trips to the state in past months, prioritizing her visits to have an education focus. It is confirmed she'll be in Michigan on Monday, April 3. 

President Joe Biden's Investing in America tour was announced months after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. The law allocated a large chunk of federal funds toward manufacturing, green energy programs and electric vehicles. 

Joe Biden recently traveled to a semiconductor manufacturing facility in North Carolina. Several other members of the president's cabinet also plan to visit states around the U.S. in the upcoming weeks.

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Jill Biden's visits include a "four state swing" to states like Maine, Vermont, and Michigan.

A fact sheet from the White House mentions that many of the jobs expected to become available in the coming years won't require four-year degrees. Companies have invested over $21 billion in Michigan since Joe Biden took office, the fact sheet said, and that Michigan will need to be prepared for kind of labor market that will fill those jobs.