First round of boil water advisory testing comes back clear

The Great Lakes Water Authority says its first round of testing related to the boil water advisory in Hamtramck, Highland Park and parts of Detroit came back clear.

Officials say this is a good sign that nothing is wrong with the water, but the boil water advisory is still remaining in effect. A second round of testing will be done on Friday. If that comes back clear, too, the boil water advisory will be lifted.

Dozens of schools were closed Thursday, including 26 schools in the Detroit Public Schools Community District. The closings were a precaution following the advisory, which was announced earlier this week. Schools in Hamtramck were closed for a second-straight day Thursday.

The Great Lakes Water Authority says its Water Works Park Water Treatment Facility on Tuesday had an equipment malfunction that caused low water pressure. The problem was addressed, but the advisory was issued due to concerns that bacteria could have gotten into the system.

The affected area includes downtown Detroit and the campus of Wayne State University, where signs were posted on drinking fountains warning people not to drink the water.