First senior facility in Oakland County to get COVID-19 vaccine, 95 residents vaccinated

On Wednesday, there was no hesitation from senior, Eugenie Beall. 

"I have had lots of shots in my lifetime, so this is just another one," she said. 

The Samaritas Senior Living Facility in Bloomfield Township was the first in Oakland County to get the COVID-19 Vaccine. 

"In some small way, I hope that can be helpful," Eugenie said. 

Eugenie moved into the facility a month before the pandemic. 

"I have had, since March, no physical contact with family," she said. 

She knows how vulnerable her age group is right now. 

"I participated in the virtual funeral of my sister who died 2 weeks ago at 95," Eugenie said. 

All 95 residents and staff said yes, to the vaccine- especially, after learning one resident is currently battling the virus. 

"We thought it was really important to take the first step to lead the way and hopefully the community will follow," said Samaritas’s employee, Ashley Coley. 

While focusing on the road back to normalcy, hopefully, PPE protocol is still in force. 

"Go back to families," Ashley said. "Connecting together and having people engage in relationships in ways that are meaningful to them."

Oakland County Health Officials will be monitoring any vaccine related to complications in seniors. 

"I’m very grateful to all the people most of them whom I do not know, that made this possible for me today," Eugenie said.