Five charged in prostitution sting in Warren, suspects facing between four and 40 years

An undercover sting led by Warren police has led to five suspects charged for operating a prostitution ring.

After police received a tip, three women and two men were each charged with four counts, including: prostitution, drug possession, using a computer to commit a crime and maintaining a house of prostitution.

"I try to make an effort. But I take two steps forward and three steps back," said Joanne Abdenour, a 49-year-old.

Others charged include a 25-year-old Lindsey Krantz, 38-year-old Shila Martnick, 45-year-old Theron Mosley and 44-year-old Michael Depew.

"I'm employed, I have a dog, I have a girlfriend," said Depew during his arraignment. "I live a normal life."

The tip came from a neighbor in Warren through People Against Illegal Drugs (PAID) back in April. The location under suspicion was at 10 Mile and Mound Road. Happening on a Thursday night, cops posed as individuals looking to make arrangements with $300. They asked to have sex with all three of the women. 

When officers entered the house, they found Krantz and Depew first. Marnick and Abdenour led them to the back door. When the money dropped, they signaled the arrests.

"Martnick fled the room and was arrested," read a clerk during the arraignment.

The successful arrest also scored officers the discovery of cocaine and meth in the home - an additional charge for both Mosley and Depew, who were drug dealers.

The women face seven years in prison, Mosley faces four years and Depew 40 years. That last charge is so large due to prior offenses. The five were given cash bonds ranging from $30,000 to $150,000.

Police are also looking for the landlord of the property that was busted. The women had been paying $125 a week each to stay at the house. 

"Obviously, he knew what it was being used for," said Chief Bill Dwyer. "...was making big money. So I'll put him on notice. We're after you and we're going to get you."