'Floating potties' unveiled in Arkansas to keep water clean

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In Michigan we know a little something about spending the day on the water.

The only thing missing from hanging out on a lake -- accessible bathrooms. In Arkansas, they figured out a solution.

Introducing "floating potties." They are a $67,000 bathroom -- right in the middle of a popular lake.

With the July 4 holiday approaching, the city of Herber Springs wants to keep the water as clean as possible.

The floating bathroom is anchored by a 4,000-pound weight with 24-hour satellite surveillance. The satellite surveillance monitors the amount of times the door opens to the amount of times the toilet flushes.

The restrooms are not only meant for boaters but to keep the Greers Ferry Lake water quality clean, which thousands of Arkansans use for a water source.

THV11.com reports that two pump out boats are assigned to each restroom and will run once a week or when needed.