Focus: HOPE job training program prepares Metro Detroit participants for workforce

Focus: HOPE is seeking applicants for its job training program, which prepares people for work with Detroit employers, such as General Motors, Quicken Loans, and DTE.

"I'm working on interviewing at a couple of different IT companies," Chakayla Jackson said. "I hope to get into something with programming soon."

Jackson, who graduates Friday, just wrapped up training. 

Right now, the program is looking for 100 applicants who are ready to jumpstart their careers.

"Instead of it being a handout, they wanted to give them a hand up, so that’s why the training program became available," said Athena Miller, the senior manager of workforce development and education with Focus: HOPE. "We train individuals in advanced manufacturing, information technology, CDL truck driving, entrepreneurship, and apprenticeship."

The training programs vary in duration and combine book and hands-on training.

"All of our programs are centered around students obtaining credentials, and these are industry-recognized credentials," Miller said.

Some say the best part about the training is that It comes at no cost to the participant.

"It doesn’t cost anything," Miller said. "The only cost to a student, when they come here pretty much, is their time." 

The training programs aren’t just for people recently out of high school in fact, some participants have careers and are now using the training to rebrand themselves

"I’ve been working for the airline industry for a long time but I found myself being a bit complacent, and I was always taught to reach out more for my true potential and Focus: HOPE definitely came through for me on that end," said participant Eric.

Now, Eric is ready to put his job training to work in information technology.

"To use my certifications gained from the program, to use it within my personal business and in a career as well," said

The program also will help people who need help getting to training. 

"We do everything that we can to help a person while they’re here," Miller said.

Apply for the program here.